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    Gandalf's riding sword (Isengard scene)

    ^ First time I've ever heard someone get insulted from being considered a "noob". :) Serious, it's all relative dude, you're new to these boards- so, yeah, you are a noob. :D Jesus man, it's just a desciption- it's like calling someone "tall". As for the sword thing...that's cool it seems...
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    One word: awesome

    ^ ditto :)
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    Helmet Question

    forgot the Noldorian elves in the last alliance ;)
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    Feather-headed Helms.

    Technically speaking those weren't Gondorian. They were Numenorien. ;)
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    Where did that sword go???

    It's a scene from TTT:EE. It's a flashback that Faramir has of the last time he sees his brother.
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    Who would you have cast?

    Just wondering... who would you all have cast to play Glorfindel if he had been in the movie? Would need someone big (he was a Noldorian Elf right? About 7' ish.) who also looked sort of royal and had an aire of both authority, power but also experiance about him. Just curious.
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    Elrond's twin sons in ROTK

    There's also a group of Dunedain Rangers that come down with the brothers and fight under Aragorns command. We pry won't see them cause it would be too confusing with Faramir's rangers already present.
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    Haldir's Sword

    Sorry for the late reply all, but I found this sword that bares at least a passing resemblence to Haldir's sword. In my personal opinion, itself would have made a fine elven weapon :)
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    I am confused

    There is a 5 year gap between ESB and ROTJ- read "Shadows of the Empire." somewhere in there it says that Luke returns to Tatoonie (specifically Kenobi's place) and builds himself his new lightsaber which is traditionally the last test for a Jedi apprentice since it is so hard to make them :)
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    Gondorean helm

    I agree, the Numenorien helm would be my FIRST preferance... But, of the Gondor ones (there's FOUR you say?)- I like Faramir's the best.
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    Battle of the Pelennor

    Hey, Elvenarcher....there's a better pic of what they face in the beginning of the trailer when the Nazgul dive in on Minas Tirith-- couple of good sized groups there :) And also, then Gandalf goes up the stairs to the defenses of Minas Tirith theres like a frame or two where there's Orcs and...
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    Boromir had a helm?

    Just realized upon my re-reading of TTT that among the items that Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli put in the boat with Boromis was his helm. I find that sort of wierd as it had not been mentioned at all up until this point. So...did Aragorn ALSO have a helm on the journey?
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    Weapons wish list

    Haldir's sword ;)
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    Battle of the Pelennor

    I too spotted some elves in the trailer. Want my take? OK, here it is. In TTT, Galadriel convinces Elrond to stay and fight in the War- a last testament the Elves will make to Middle Earth before (nearly) all go over the sea. At the battle of Helm's Deep, we see the defenders of Lorien under...
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    Samwise Gamgee

    I also agree- Sam was about as loyal a friend as they come. Although to be perfectly honest with you, when I was first reading the books, I was a little worried that Sam had sort of a "blind-faith" in Frodo almost to a fault. Thankfully it's his friendship that KEEPS it from becoming his end.