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  • No it doesn't sound silly at all, it's good that people can learn that, who knows how it is for those who cant flee the world?
    Yeah, but I have this thing for numbers, its not just counting 1,2,3,4. Sometimes it's even numbers, sometimes uneven. Jumping all around in different patterns. 4, 12, 21, 23. Or chanting different words and phrases that calm me. Instead of "Oooohhhmmm" :D Doing things with my hands. Keeps the mind clear and calm for me.
    But it's definitely interesting to see how the mind can affect the body and calm it and clear all the thought if one finds a technique that works! Makes one cope a lot better with stressful situations as well, where I otherwise probably run around in panic looking like a fool haha :D
    I'll hijack your visitors message board instead :) How come you came upon the arts of meditation? I never really started doing it as a conscious act, I started having some sort of panic attacks way back because of stress and I went from there, I sort of think in numbers and different patterns to calm down, and now I just like to think like that, it really relaxes me and makes my head clear! Really great in stressful situations as well. Would love to start doing some more known technique though, perhaps its more effective or different feel to it. Can I befriend you btw?
    Thank you for paying me a visit as well :) One is always a bit curious to know who people are :D
    Actually about...3/5 or so of what is now Turkey was Greek land,but they slowly took it from us in the middle-ages.We've been fighting with them for what...900 years now?Somewhere there.And like someone said in a book,they are pushed back and confined in a land that is filled with monuments and history that is not theirs.
    Well the city where I live has ancient greek,roman and byzantine monuments and landmarks as well as a few ottoman stuff.Troy huh?Yeah I used to be crazy about the Iliad when I was a kid.
    Henninger yeah it's one of the most famous beers here in Greece.Yes this is where Alexander the Great had his kingdom.Well...this and a lot of other places from here up to India.We have a big statue of his down near the harbor.The problem is that that small slavic country north of us is using the name Macedonia and our history,names,achievements,heroes and symbols and people who know nothing or little of Greek history get confused.
    I live in Thessaloniki,northern Greece.Germany has something amazing when it comes to medieval stuff.Lots of castles,traditional houses,my favorite beers like Paulaner and Hofbrau.And lots of sausages and pork.Plus I love the German eagle on the flags :D
    Happy New Year my friend!What are you doing tonight?How is Germany?In which part of Germany do you live?Bavaria by any chance? :p
    I have a lot of books about Drizzt but unfortunately I haven't read them all.My favorite one by R.A.Salvatore so far is the Dark Elf Trilogy.I also have the Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale games and expansions! :)
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