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  • Sorry, I've been off for a month. Thanks. Most people don't know that Draco mean Dragon. I'm sure alot of people here do though.
    Thank you for your response forgotten, with your disappointing results i would not mind talking more in depth about it in pm if you were okay with that, I've learned that keeping a narrow mind is not the way to view anything in life. Morning to you when you read this and I hope you have a good day forgotten :]
    Well that sounds great, do you like it? :) I have taken a break from my studies and just relaxed ^^ having a great saturday :)
    Yeah, but perhaps it's a good thing to answer in the thread, and maybe someone else that is interested can find something to say or be intrigued. But you do what feels right for you, either way I think Silvermune is interested in an answer, he's a great guy. Hope you had a good day :) what have you been up to?
    You are wonderful forgotten, i mean every word in my answer in your thread, i really hope people dont just turn away and act like nothing, or worse that they start saying bad things, its really brave of you!! Ill talk to you tomorrow :) Hopefully i will see some nice responses to your thread!
    Thank you, and the same to you Forgotten, you sing? I will violate the counting thread xD i got to!
    Thank you, even though im a few hours late with my response ;P , hope you had a nice walk :)
    Or maybe the person didnt notice it :) now stop helping the guys in the thread haha ;P
    I have no idea Forgotten, I just know its those kids toys. But i dont think so? why?
    Uh... You're welcome?


    I can't think of anything for me to be thanked for, but thanks nonetheless >.>
    Good night on you too :) Sweet dreams! You decided not to answer my pm btw? just wondering =)
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