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  • I think you two just got off on the wrong foot. I mean he still gets all Dawkinsy sometimes but mostly he is chill so long as it doesn't get brought up. He does make some alright jokes from time to time. Don't quit just because of one guy either, some other members did the same and it was a huge bummer, I still miss 'em.
    Forgot notifications don't notify you :p I did like it, just this one better :D I did I did, some good stuff there! And a random Mladic video hahah Did you get the package?
    Got it, thanks a bunch man, the sparta one is going on my backpack :D My package should arrive soon too. Salutations!
    sorry for the random question:)
    I'm well thank you how are you?
    yes, I'm australian
    as for my avatar, I don't know if she is from a series or not
    I just liked the picture
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