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  • Hey just asking about an update. Which games you're playing, which games you want to get. And what movies do you want to watch and which ones you watched recently? Seriously you keep me in the blind for this long! How dare you!!!!!
    Yea..there are lots of free to play titles as well...and if I ever payed so much for a mmo title, it would a Guild Wars 2 or something like that. But as I said, I am not much of mmo fan, i prefer single player experience or co-op, like Dota2 etc.
    I think no. But did you ask for your beta? :D Because I have never ever played mmo before, and I got one. :D But now, with all this hype I decided to test it for my-self, and truth to be told, it does not look amazing, i prefer skyrim..and their "model" 60$ + 15 per month, is so baad.
    Hey Fifi, how are things going. Thanks for the info on Dragon's Dogma, though I'm still sceptical to get it. If we get a game, me and Padmé mostly agree on it, if we want it and she at the moment is not really jumping on it, despite being a big rpg fan. I think the next big rpg game she's looking forward to is Dragon Age Inquisition and considering Dragon Age II and the fact Mass Effect III wasn't so fantastic, we're also cautious about that game. But yeah now we're talking about next gen (though I'll probably play it on my pc, which means I'll have to beef it up a lot), so are you jumping to next-gen? If so, sticking to the Xbox so you can still play Halo? Take care! xxx
    That's alright Firiath, welcome back
    thanks for accepting the friendship request
    Hahaha, that was as good as any rep :D He man makes every fight stop effectively! :D
    Yeah, Salarians are awesome. The Krogan, Salarians, and the Turians are some of the best alien races ever!!!
    Great to meet another fan of the series, Fir :D Have a good weekend.
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