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  • i've drawn some things, nothing really BIG tho, but i'll see if i can get stuff up :) lot of it's sketches and abstract/surreal.
    like this, if you want to continue conversation, press "View Conversation" and write there.
    i'lll look when the site's back up ;) but i've never had my fortune told, nor have i dabbled in the things of the future. For the future is not mine to command nor to control.
    I have a website hosted by Yola but it has been down all day today, so you may want to have a look some other time and let me know what you think of my writing.
    Have you ever had your fortune told?
    My passion is writing and I am an animal lover, I have two cats named Poppy and Zeek. All creatures are precious to me from slugs to sharks.
    I read Oracle cards Mermaid and Dolphin are my preferred at the moment and I use them to help me make choices.
    My blog can be found on this site or on my web page http://www.writefirsttime.net/
    I seek wisdom too, one of my favourite mottos is: - Freedom Stems from Valour.
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