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    Hey there, i dont think we've met! Im Reece :D
    Been talking about resurrecting the book club if you're interested. Thread is in "TFF House Discussions". Just post there if you'd like to take part in it if we bring it back to life.
    I suppose that isn't a bad idea - I think there's a link about it in my profile there. It's something of a supernatural fantasy, altho I wrote it before all that Twilight business I think... it's actually the first of three, but I'll have to see if we can drum up the necessary support to put out the next two...
    There are about 4 Dovers; one in the UK, one in the US, one in Ozzie Land, and one either in Canada, Ireland or NZ.
    I like the new picture.
    You can talk about your book in private messages or in profile posts btw.
    I was born in Crewe, but only go back to visit my grandparents and cousins near Blackpool (rather industrial place) and Telford (same).

    I like the picture. It's well done; all it needs is smoother edges.
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