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  • Nice nice, I've added them to watch later because I loaded up a podcast already but I'll be sure to aurally peep this. Also do you have any recommendations of older stuff too?
    Golden skin sounds really cool. All the lotions I know that promise golden skin just make people look like oranges.
    Sometimes I just drink too much and when I wake up the next morning things can be a bit f***ed up. And whenever there's dinosaurs... well, what else could I do if not hunt them? D:
    Crap. I just gave you some rep for your post in the "who are you" thread, but my hands trolled me and I wasn't able to finish the comment. So, what I was trying to say is that I'd also love to grow a beard and hunt dinosaurs, but it's impossible because I don't have any facial hair. :(
    Yo Ender, I'm having a bunch of people over for Risk at my house on Saturday, you interested?
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