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  • It's been four years girl, I hope one day you visit this and see that you were my first ever friend here and I love you for that and I hope you're doing good wherever you are <3
    nor can I assure you of how dependent a friend I can be, but I will try my very best, to be a good friend to you, as far as I'm concerned too
    Heya honey! I am still hanging about, but not for long hopefully. I can explain on Skype or RPG if you still go on there? My Skype is KallyKatt, you can add me on there if you have it :) If not message me on RPG - would love to catch up! <3
    Hey there :D Sorry i've been a little inactive.. (Move from the north of england to london :p) Ill be back active more soon :)
    Uh, I can't remember lol, I totally wiped my msn and you never came on so I deleted you :x
    I think it was Breathing Angel or something @ hotmail.com/co.uk??
    I can't be the ankle for you Elven, we've had some good times and had some amazing experiences, but you're too much for me. You're like my Achilles heel.
    It wasnt anything bad, dont worry :p
    hahah :p Well, Its just because i started to work out so that i could get into the army, and i carried it on, because i like how my body is becoming ;D

    and you're pretty damn g..
    No, You're not a robot :p
    sorry about the wait, i was working out..

    and please do! And try to do something about that mic :p It sounds like you're a robot!
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