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    How to make a bow.

    for anyone who has a question about making bows or arrows. go to
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    Who has bought a UC non-LOTR Product??

    thats absured why would they do that?
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    Archery 101

    whats the poundage on it soul bane?
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    SCA Fighting

    i don't belive one was intended. i felt the sca was kinda (pardon me for insulting anyone if i do) wimpy. the rattan threw the whole thing off for me.
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    My new longbow

    dude sweet bow. i love my long bow i made it's only 39#@28" but i wish i could get one that sweet.
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    chariots charging into a roman phalanx with long spears is a little less then perfect combat wise. it makes sense that the chariot would become obsolete in combat.
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    Archery 101

    i'll try it this weekend, i've got wrestling all week.
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    Which fantasy creature would you want to be?

    dragon kin so i could have wings and still be a biped, or a vampire since well they're cool.
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    How to break into sword design?

    try talking to these guys...
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    Horn/bone/antler nocks for arrows

    cut the nock perpendicular to the grain. glue the horn in . cut the horn and wood with the grain just not all the way through. it should work.
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    Archery 101

    so is the bow done yet?
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    Archery 101

    man i got my long bow from rudderbows, i opened the package and the bow was broken; like a foot down from the top limb was cracken inhalf. argghhh, i talked to the owner and he's sending me a new one.
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    Elrond's characters

    ok to start the character is set in a no really far future set up (100 years) Name: Alexie Duval/ Roland Place of Birth: not locatable Age: 27 Class: samurai of the new age Race: human Description: 5’11” black hair, pale blue eyes, oddly charismatic, cleans up well. Normally wearing a...
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    Archery 101

    i thonk some is an understatment as far as grozerbows goes.
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    Archery 101

    try for good quality inexpensive longbowsand a few short bows/ traditional recurves, for the horse bow if you like that idea go to thats my bow and it's sweet it's also not too expensive.