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  • I'd just like to debate with someone who doesn't take every challenge to his views as a crime akin to slapping his mother across the face with a wet fish. I think I'll just avoid the mofo in future. There are plenty of newbies like me around who I'm sure are able to debate without turning into a petulant two-year-old.:)
    I have no objection to passion, it's an admirable quality in a person. He seems to have a malfunction, though, and I don't think I have the patience to diagnose what it is!:)
    I guess I'm just used to talking to grownups who don't spit their dummy out just because you don't agree with them. I even gave him a good rep during our debates for being willing to argue, but obviously the feeling isn't reciprocated. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get over it.:) Thanks for the rep, I'll return the compliment!
    American bourbons & Scottish single malts ~ my fav at the moment is probably Bernheim's Original, Kentucky Wheat Whiskey. The Scrumpy Jack in your local store is probably genuine as they must have copyrighted the brand. There's some draught ciders (really cloudy) where they (pub) will strongly recommend against a second pint... ah bliss lol
    Funnily enough my Dad is from Somerset, hence why I probably have a taste for it, and some of the Liquor stores we have here Stock Scrumpy Jack, I'm not sure if it is imported or just an expensive knockoff, but it is really nice. Though I am quite content with Strongbow Sweet right now.
    I am not a fan of beer, never got the taste for it, what is your most favourite? (liquor that is)
    Unfortunately not, sounds delicious, we only really get apple cider here, and most of it isn't very good.
    What is it like?
    Relaxing in a leather recliner in front of a 40" TV with my PC running through it, and a nice cold six pack of cider at my side, well make that a 4 pack now.
    Which part of England you from? I have some relatives over there.
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