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  • Hi there, howz it going? Thanx for the welcome message. May we be friends?
    Thank you:)

    Today I'm older and wiser, I felt my brain click up a notch ~ or maybe that was just the hangover clearing?
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    oh the sweetness of the young...to tempt it into a forest and whisper very so softly on your neck, while blowing your ear, the aroma of your skin
    hey man, howsit going? you seem like a pretty cool guy, all things considered.
    Well I don't know if they left forever,but have you noticed how peaceful and nice the forum is without them?It's as if these two were giving out negative energy o_O
    I'm sure there's worse places (in fact I KNOW there's worse places) but London is good, plenty going on
    interested in the space ...hmm... what can you tell me about black holes? ( i really dont knoe much to say in enlgish)
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