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  • Thanks for your message, I'm really glad that you like my posts and opinions, and I agree that we seldom meet any people with such attributes that you've mentioned, but yea.. it happens :p
    You are right, I'm pretty much educated.. at least for my age perhaps, if you are interested in my education, you are free to ask xD
    Anyways, I found your posts and opinion very interesting too :) So.. let's be friends!
    Welcome, welcome, wanna be friends?
    I think you'll lose the newbie status after 50 posts or so.. :D
    You have to have apt amount of brains to do everything that you do ^_^

    And i've always done everything alone, i prefer it. no arguements, not being let down. :)

    and i've never looked into photo journalism... Im fairly certain they wont let me backpack though :p
    Wow.. Blackbelt, belly dancer, hip hop dancer ;)
    Quite the genius aren't you!

    yeah, odd jobs, i want to do it as natural as possible really though... as in, catch my own food, cook it, camp.. that sort..
    Oh, I wanna backpack The states and Europe, which may come veerrrryyy sooon...
    i dislike arrogance. Loud people often annoy me. i dont like cake. I prefer wine gums. I dont drink. I've recently quit smoking. I got kicked out by my mom, my dad left when i was 4. I lived with my uncle and got kicked out, im now getting kicked from my nans. uhm... I dont want a career. I want to live in as many places as possible :)

    Your turnn
    18 England!
    Sorry about the delay, been away from TFF..

    My story? What would you like to know? ;)
    I'm sorry. but Reece is having a talking /typing problem now, doesn't know his style. (fwends, innit, ...)
    Could we be friends?
    :D Thanks :p
    So, where are you from? How Old are you?

    Interrogation timee
    Hey Dynan! Care to be fwends?
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