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  • Well at least it's warm now. :) I was getting pretty sick of -20 C!!!! We're now involved in a deck destruction/reconstruction project in the backyard. The snow load we had this winter caused the supports underneath our deck to break. Sooooo we got tearing it apart this weekend, only to discover that the people who had the house before us built it out of untreated lumber. (WHO DOES THAT?!?!?!?!) The joists are all rotten and falling apart and so we have to dismantle the whole thing and rebuild it from the ground up. Gah! I despise construction projects! lol Are you going to grow some more stuff this year again?
    I'm OK. We've had a really late spring though so gardening season is going to be short this year. *sigh* Oh no... are you sick?
    i'm fine thanks :). we're almost of the same age, what do you do? do you go to university or are you already working?
    Hello! may i add you to my list? how're you doing? See you around!
    Hi Dreamscaper :) I was editing my signature tonight and found out that you'd given me rep points a few weeks ago. I'm sorry it took me so long to stop by and say thanks but I'm terrible for forgetting to check these things. So anyway, thanks! SJ
    Looks like you tried to message me, but my inbox was full. What's up did you check out that book I recommended?
    thanks! i'm a christian too, its nice to meet another one, though there's probably tons more on here.
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