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    Raymond E. Feist

    I had to work this year. But at least I already have a whole bunch of signed books from the last one ^^. He talked mostly about writing then but also about characters (so long as no spoilers were involved). It amused me that for several people he seemed just as interested in finding out where...
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    Terry Pratchett

    The early books aren't as brilliant, more concepts of characters than the actual characters but the huge scope of his world as it unfolds is quite brilliant. He also excells at paralleling things in our own world or even throwing in blatant references in the footnoots, so I like the rare ability...
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    Good morning.

    Thanks all! Regardless of your relative timezones.
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    Raymond E. Feist

    I went to one a couple of years back when he was in Manchester, really awesome. Where are the latest tour dates posted?
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    Kayla, Chapter 1 --Lent

    Well I really enjoyed it. I think you have a good introduction to the characters with a nice overlay of humour on it. Overall I think you have an interesting start here :). Only one or two sentences that didn't quite flow :) I give you a sparkly alien: :ufo:
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    Kayla, Chapter 1 --Lent

    I downloaded it but have to go to work now :( But I will read and give you some feedback over the weekend :)
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    great new author

    I read Name of The Wind a while ago and it is pretty good. Interesting world, good character developement and well written, maintains a good balance of mystery, action and exposition. It is definitely worth a look at people :)
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    PS Whereabouts in the Netherlands are you from? My boyfriend is from near the Hoek van Holland...

    PS Whereabouts in the Netherlands are you from? My boyfriend is from near the Hoek van Holland (if I spell these Dutch words correctly :s).
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    I would love to see some of your writing. I just do a bit of jotting in my spare time so don't...

    I would love to see some of your writing. I just do a bit of jotting in my spare time so don't expect much with you actually studying it and everything! Most of my friends are writers in their spare time too so I don't necessarily feel I can go to them for feedback and critiqueing. I guess that...
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    Short Story

    I wrote this one night because I couldn't sleep and was reading American Gods. A lot of random things happen this way but this is the only one to have made it on to a computer: Call No Man Happy Unless He Is Dead Ket was 18. Just old enough to vote, vote for any corrupt government he wanted...
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    Books or Movies

    I love both. The books I've loved since I was 9 so they also have nostalgia value. Books are good for getting a more detailed look at things, Tolkien really put a lot of work into the background of his world that a movie just can't match. However the movie does highlight plot points that Tolkien...
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    The first fantasy movie you saw

    My family is big on Sci-fi/Fantasy in terms of TV (though strangely I'm the only one who really reads them as a genre) so I don't remember what I saw first. I grew up watching things like Willow, the Dark Crystal, Neverending Story, Wizard of Oz, Jason and Argonauts etc... Of the ones that were...
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    Good morning.

    Good day all *sweeping bow* I am a big fantasy reader and am always looking for new things to dive into. Current faves include Feist, Tolkien, Gaiman and Hayden. Also possibly looking to join some sort of freeform RPG. My bf plays D&D but that's far too rule based, I prefer a more story...
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    Hello! Nice to see a fellow Feist fan :)

    Hello! Nice to see a fellow Feist fan :)
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    Start of story

    Hello! I've just started doing a bit of writing, I think it's not great but is ok and would like any opinions/critisisms to help me get better so I would be really grateful to anyone who could provide such! :) The link is here: It's the...