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  • PS Whereabouts in the Netherlands are you from? My boyfriend is from near the Hoek van Holland (if I spell these Dutch words correctly :s).
    I would love to see some of your writing. I just do a bit of jotting in my spare time so don't expect much with you actually studying it and everything! Most of my friends are writers in their spare time too so I don't necessarily feel I can go to them for feedback and critiqueing. I guess that is a little silly.

    The username did give it away I have to admit. It helps that I am reading Shards at the moment.

    I'm in the UK also, up in Manchester. It's very handy for librarys or countryside to write in :)
    Hi Dark Rose! Was just wondering how you knew I was a Feist fan as I hadn't posted anything yet, but then it dawned on me that you could probably tell from my username :)
    I just saw you posted some of your own fiction--only had time to skim through it so far and it actually looks quite good! I promise I will read the whole thing later and give you some feedback on it, okay?
    The thing is, I write as well --not a lot so far, am doing a degree in Literature n Creative Writing, so haven't got much time for it yet, but I have written one chapter which I hope to expand on in the future. I would appreciate it if you could give me your feedback too :)
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