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  • Arrgghhhh!!!! FB is a pain in my REAR!!!!!!! Sorry about that! Ah well to answer your question: Goodreads is a huge library site: you can catalogue all the books you've read, rate them and put others on your "to read" list. The site will suggest books for you based on your ratings of others and there's all kinds of forums there to discuss books. if you want to check it out.
    Hey Crou! You left me a message on Facebook about Goodreads. My FB always gives me trouble so I'm wondering if you got my reply?
    OK thanks! I'm just checking to see if the profile privacy settings actually work and apparently they do. If you like then I can add you as a friend and then you can see it :)
    Hey Cru! I wonder if you could do me a favour? Could you go to my profile page and tell me whether you can see my profile pic or not? Lemme know if you don't mind. Thanks!
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