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  • Your welcome! I thought I gave you some before, because you deserved it for your road raging too. I guess I was wrong. (That happens alot actually.)
    lol, i actually don't know that game. i know a lot of people like to play mafia wars and that kinda games on fb, but not this game. is it really THAT good? :D
    Lmao your funny, i smell hair and plants and flowers and books and old stuff just lots of random stuff like liquids yeah apparently there is a name for it lol i just put numbers in the box lol

    hmmm i shall keep that in mind and not let him near any steak knives
    lol well the wedding won't be until later next year. Spoke to my mum about it this morning and she was talking about 25th of September 2010, so thats probably when it will be :) And it's a BEAUTIFUL place as well, Ced and I are in shock at how gorgeous it is!
    Lol i like smelling things to my mum used to say i had a problem aparently its an actual phsyc thing or something lol i cant remember what its called i have to smell everything lol
    Thanks for the starfish -i unwrap it and stick it to my fridge- lol mmm starfish
    Bloody gottta vote this sat!
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