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  • Okay, I also write on the computer. It goes faster and there is not paper enough at home for me. And it is easier to remove and add things on the computer.
    No, not marketing. I mean correct the spelling and add things. I have not published my work yet but I want to of course. My story is not complete yet, but soon :)
    Do you know if there are going to be a Swedish translation for your book?
    So do you have any favourite books? Mine is The Golden Compass. There are not any :dragon: in it but it is very good anyway.
    Editing is boring too. I just want to continue writing instead for editing and marking it.
    Getting around in CoH is bit of a pain if you decide to do far away missions before you get a "travel power" (teleport, flight, super speed or super jump) but its a choice, if you're ok with it taking a bit longer to lvl then you don't need to travel that far before getting one of them.
    Well I can't speak for graphic or any tech differences, but the people are better and as I said, its a lot more forgiving to casual players.
    Okay, and don't mind the double post, I do that all the time myself. Right now I'm marking my story and I think that it is the most boring part of writing.
    Are you also writing Fantasy? I'm soon done with my story. I've been working on it for around one year now.
    Yeah cancer's a tough one. Same thing got my grandma, different types I'm bettign though. Have a good night, and when I get time I will check out the site. Promise.
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