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  • Hey where have you been?I missed you!What's up?I like your new avatar,is it heraldic symbol of a werewolf?
    That's the spirit!I have Silent Hill for Playstation one but burned.I finished it with the help of a guide a few years ago.But I do have Resident Evil 1 original and had Resident Evil 2 original as well and of course I finished them years ago,back in the late 90s.I had lent Resident Evil 2 to a friend of mine from school and then school ended know.Lol!Funny thing is that I have the guy on my Facebook list but I'm like...never mind now.
    I was playing Amnesia The Dark Descent last night again.It's actually pretty scary playing a game where you have absolutely no weapons and the only thing you can do is run,hide or use your wits to survive.Yeah,I hid in a closet and kept peeking to see the monster coming and going from the room.Then I was exploring a cellar of the castle in the game and it was dark and all of a sudden a monster appears near the door coming towards the room!I was like ****!And I ran and hid in the darkness.I was like ....that's one heck of a good game.
    Hail Caesar!What's up?I was wondering,do you have MSN or Skype?If you're not bored do you wanna talk with me from there sometime?You're a pretty cool person.Oh and I expect you to take part in the Horror games thread.You just...have to!It's a must! :p
    haha i'll try not to :D I mainly want to get it for the historical experience, whether you believe that or not :D
    haha don't worry about it, i just thought that maybe you knew off the top of your head :D I found a good site or what I think's a good site, so i'll try it out ;P
    can you give me any tips on buying absinthe in the US? I feel like you'd know.
    everything is great :D it's sooo weird being 18. On my birthday i went out and bought a pack of cigarettes :D not to smoke but just as a rite of passage. Thanks for asking, man! How are you?
    lol thanks, love ya too xoxo :D

    also I just now saw your other message... we can try to start another RPG if you want or bring t3l back/over here.. Let me knwo what you want to do! I've been wanting to write as well.

    And my love life is going great. I finally found someone who treats me the way I deserve to be treated.
    Time to break out the hair dye. You don't want her school teacher asking her if you're her grandpa. :p

    Congrats. Take good care of mother and daughter. :)
    yeah, not tooooooooo bad. bank just took my pay to pay my credit card.... anothr week of missed rent. :p
    it's finals week for me so I am studying my butt off when I am not working. Friday I will finally be school free though.

    How's the family :)?
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