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  • I did! Thanx so much!You didn't have to get me such a gigantic flag,but I took a pic of it and posted it on Facebook.My mom liked it very much too.Did I also send you a Data DVD with all the photos and stuff or just videos?Can't remember :S
    You got it?Yeah man kickass!!!! I thought you'd like the Pork Eating Crusader one too!Hahahaha!Did you check the DVD yet?
    Oh can you find any Croatian army patches?The one you sent me is one of the best I have!Do you use MSN these days? :p
    Sure,whenever you can.Just put some kuna that you guys use now in good condition you don't have to buy me that one :p
    Hmm Greek tobocco...I could find some for you.I'm interested in the 5 Kuna banknote in brand new condition and maybe some others too.Muahahaha!
    Are you gonna come back on Facebook?Will you send a croatian flag?Care to exchange Croatian banknotes with Euro? :p
    Want anything from Greece?I have all my photos and stuff on DVDs now I can send you one easily.
    Black, youre killing me here with your inbox :p i wrote a nice long message,and i cant send it </3
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