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  • Oh we're both fine. Just in the UK atm staying with my family for xmas time :) How have you been? xxxx
    Ah what do you work as? :)

    And no? Where did you get that from? :p
    I don't think that all of the Night's Watch are self-centred, and none of what I read about your ranger reminded me of the Night's Watch.

    Are you for Italy or Germany?
    Actually it was Damien Comolli who made those signings. He used stats to make those decisions and didn't stop to think whether or not they will fit into liverpool's style of play.. hence he was sacked first.

    And you did what? Great now some arab is going to steal my identity :p
    well he has a good optimistic view for the club but whether or not he can achieve that is another thing. I doubt he will be able to compete in the transfer window either. It doesn't take rocket science to realise most of our signings last term were bad choices, true our useless backroom staff are the ones who made the decisions and hence they were sacked, but I think it was a bit rough to sack King Kenny. Ok at times his tactics were wrong but given time he could have made it right. (I still think had we beaten Chelsea in the FA final, he would still be in charge). In any case BR will have limited transfer funds to work with and with the clubs owners after fresh young developing talent, it might take some time before we challenge again.. sad days ahead. On the positive yes, swansea played very well with BR's style of football so I'm willing to give him a chance.
    That is my nephew Harvey. The picture is a few years old though, cause Harvey is already 10 by now. It's funny that you compared him to Luke Skywalker because I once used him as model to draw a young Luke Skywalker. You might even find the drawing in my photo gallery.
    Apparently the swansea boss is signing for us.. *head on desk* I feel another mid table finish.

    And Boro will be back in the Prem next year.
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