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  • so basically, you make up a character that comes from one of the specified nations (not too hard, and doesn't have to be human cuz of faerie) and then start narrating your own actions.

    for instance,

    An old monk in plain robes carefully walks over and cleans the blood from the floor, then smiles at the newcomer. He also brings a blanket, bandages and some food, laying it down gently next to the man before walking away. As he does so, he looks back with a hesetant expression on his face, then calls out,

    "you will be welcome to our hospitality, sir. May God have mercy and grace upon you."

    He then returns to the corner where he had been sitting.

    A few of the earlier guests murmer at both the newcomer's attitude as well as the monk's unexpected act of kindness.

    As he pulls his hood back to wipe his forehead, everyone's eyes go up in suprise as they realize it was Father John himself, coming to his guests in a rare public appearance.

    The Father then turns to them and sternly says, "Are we not to be servant to all who enter? Did not the Lord Himself wash the feet of His own disciples?"

    But the crowd seems to think the newcomer unworthy of such hospitality.

    or something similar. you only control what your own character does, of course. the game master, in this case, me, will operate non-player characters, and other people operate their own characters too.
    Thanks! I tried to give them unique personalities to fit their backgrounds, and take from lots of different aspects of the world they lived in.

    Blade is all angsty-like and antisocial, but has deep feelings if you really get to know him. Star seems at first glance either extremely shy or all bubbly and full of joy, but if you get to know her she becomes more solid, with issues of sadness and anger just like anybody else, all hidden under that small form.

    Actually, if you're interested, I'm hosting an RPG set in the world I made right now! you feel like joining?
    Lol! your characters are all so funny, charming, loveable, realistic, sensible, you name it! :D Love them all; the Anwebuds are sure to become a legend of some sort ^_^. wow, so much detail, so many stories for your characters! I could just about visualize each character as I read the descriptions, from dead serious to loveable to constantly cheerful.

    And thanks for reading all that stuff I posted :) there was a lot I know, but each detail is important, and adds to the story.

    Which of my characters do you like the most? of your characters, I like James Silvarette a lot!
    wow, that is quite an amazing land you have there :D I could almost picture it as I read your descriptions; sounds like an interesting setting for a fantasy plot!

    As for whether I favor a specific nation, I think I like the Celestial Empire of the Sun, because I just like magic and the whole "balance" theme of it, not to mention the Asian themes.

    Characters? Plenty! There's my counterpart, of course, but there's several others, adapted from a different setting I had made up previously:

    by ~wanderingmagus

    Born during the 1990's, his true name was known only to himself for much of his life prior to the Opening of the Gate. He had always exhibited an interest in the supernatural, and was in the process of attempting a protection spell when the Gate at Stonehenge was inadvertently opened by the nuclear blast. The subsequent redistribution of magic throughout the world through Ley Lines affected him directly through the creation of a Ley Line running directly through the basement in which he was experimenting, disrupting the spell and adding more and more power to it. The disruption changed the properties of the spell to that of an immortality spell which would cause Magus to live forever in a state of near suspended animation, never looking a year over the age of about twenty or thirty. At the same time the power released by the Ley Line caused the creation of two identical scars on Magus's cheeks, into which magical energy flowed. A third effect of the disruption was the concurrent sealing of the basement entrance and a feeling of time disorientation, both preventing Magus from exiting the basement until his abilities reached a certain level and causing him to lose track of how much time had elapsed. As such, for about ninety years he studied and practiced magic, modifying and creating new spells as he went along and slowly increasing in his control of energies, until theoretically he could draw power from a Ley Line on the other side of the globe with little or no effort. At this point, he discovered the art of Ley Line Walking, a technique once used by powerful sorcerers and monks skilled or insane enough to be able to visualize the fifth dimension, and the Ley Lines hovering in it, just "above" the planes of our universe, to access these Lines for seemingly instantaneous transportation from one area to another. In learning this skill, Magus was able to escape his basement to find himself in a world completely different from what he remembered. The world was as described above, with empires and creatures spanning the globe in ways scarcely imaginable in the times remembered by Magus. He eventually sought a mentor, finding one in the catholic priest named Father John. The Father was kind enough to offer Magus enough money to purchase the land on which his basement was located; as he grew more and more familiar with the economics and culture of the time, he acquired great wealth, building a mansion over his magical chamber. However, one aspect of the culture Magus would never accept: he was shocked at the concept of the Plave subclass, and his first encounter with the Plave auction ended with his purchasing and freeing of Star. Over time, he would teach Star how to speak, break down the mental barriers, and become very close with her. From her and her friends, Magus gained the ability to speak to animals, as well as manipulate the weather. Obviously, Father John looked upon this with disapproval, continuing to view chimeras as sub-human, but eventually the old priest learned to accept her presence. Magus gradually modifies his mansion to accommodate the chimera, who continued to walk on hands and knees as a matter of choice, as well as continue to maintain her distinctive "nya" tic at the end of her sentences. Magus eventually establishes close relations with the myriad of empires, taking on a reputation as a kind but extremely powerful practitioner. His face was easily recognizable due to the glowing scars left over from his first encounter with the Ley Lines. Recently, he encountered the resistance leading chimera known as Blade, and has established a working relationship with him. He would later encounter a yin-yang amulet, which he enchants to grant him the ability to change genders upon rotation of the symbol. He would also receive as a gift from the Universe itself a personal land accessible only through him; this land would eventually become a sort of paradise for orphans, disabled and poor by his bidding. He exhibits the ability to read your soul upon eye contact, as well as transport minds to a "mental conference room" where he could speak personally and privately to people without time passing and/or physical harm.

    Approximately ten years before Magus's reentering into the world and Blade's rebellion, a routine chimera breeding session ended badly, causing the birth of a small, abnormally submissive and shy female chimera with a star-shaped birthmark on the chest. It was so small the Tushori never even bothered to give it a proper name, calling it "Runt" by general consent. The price of the chimera, due to her birthmark and shyness, dropped until the Tushori decided to offer it or less than what it had cost to produce it. When the chimera reached the age of twelve, Magus encounters it at the Plave Auction, taking pity on it and paying enough money to both buy and free it. Upon learning of its muteness, he used his mind-conference soulgaze to communicate, discovering her history and the psychological barriers established as a result of her traumatic birth and childhood "training". He eventually took her in as family, teaching her to speak and allowing her to choose her own name- Star. At some point they discovered that a Blessing of Goodwill bestowed upon all Chimeras as a token of friendship from the Shaman of the Great Spirit in the United Native American Nations had given Star the gifts of speaking with animals, weather manipulation, ability to heal wounds, and ability to absorb Ley Line energy from a distance. Under the loving guidance of Magus, who grew to become a sort of adoptive parent (and at the same time love interest), she also learned the ability to Ley Line Walk, soulgaze, access the hidden Land of Innocence, and become a temporary "positive energy beacon", channeling life, joy, peace and love throughout a mile-wide radius, effectively ceasing all battle temporarily. She has learned to walk on both feet, but continues to prefer crawling on hands and knees as a more comfortable option. She can speak in quite a few languages and is an avid reader from the first reading lesion. She has deep feelings for Magus, a working paternalistic relationship with Father John, who grew to view her as an innocent, kindhearted but naïve child to be cared for rather than a demon, and a playful brother-sister relationship with Blade, who now views her more as a very close little sister than a daughter, and is extremely protective of her. Her gentle, playful attitude has remnants of the former submissiveness, albeit to a much lesser extent. This, along with a verbal tic which adds a "nya" sound to the end of each sentence and her cheerful personality endears many people to her. This is not to say she is harmless; indeed, under the training of Magus, Blade and Father John, she becomes a very powerful fighter, capable of utilizing a large variety of combat styles and weapons, magical and mechanical. However, she is very peaceful, and will try to diffuse situations or run unless no other option is available, or a close friend is in danger. She is very friendly to all creatures, no matter how they look or act. Although this sometimes puts her in dangerous situations, everyone knows anything she does always has good intentions.

    Father John of the Monastic Order of Saint Francis of Assisi
    He was born John son of Eric in the town dedicated to Saint Francis. Since his childhood he had the gift of vision- the ability to detect the presence of the supernatural, and to see that which the common man could not see. Besides this, he was seen as a very spiritual man, fervent in his devotion to the All-Maker. When he came of age, he took on the vow of sanctity, entering the Monastic Order of Saint Francis as a low-ranking monk. Over the course of several years, his devotion and fervency so impressed the Bishop of the Diocese that he was promoted to the rank of priest, becoming the head of his chapter. He is well-versed in lore of supernatural creatures, and due to his devotion seems to have the protection of the very hosts of heaven resting upon him. However, at times his familiarity with the physical world lapses and he may make assumptions which harm others as well as himself. For instance, the creation of the chimera species and their subsequent fall into the plave class greatly disturbed the Father, who did not know what to make of these, in his eyes, abominations before the eyes of the All-Maker. His first reaction was disgust and horror; for decades he refused to interact with them, deriding those who bought and sold plaves as heathens or hypocrites tainting themselves with the blood of the devil. However, he was also a reasonable and forgiving man who cared for others. When Magus came to his monastery in search of guidance, the Father agreed to teach him, caring for him as a son, although disapproving of his witchcraft. When Magus, in his compassion, paid the price to free the young female chimera Star, Father John was disturbed, but agreed to house her on the condition that she never leave his sight. Her cheerful, friendly attitude and peaceful nature, as well as her willingness to learn more of the All-Maker, eventually turned the heart of the Father, who from that moment onward viewed chimeras as innocent children who needed the guidance and protection o the Church to see the truth. For this reason, he accepted the outcast Blade into his monastery, giving him sanctuary from the assassins and creatures after his blood. The Father continues to try to impress the principles of the Faith on the three; Blade generally ignores him except when he speaks on the subject of the weaknesses and banes of supernatural creatures; Magus is quite open to most of the Faith except the rule to give up magic; and Star seems to be the most open, listening intently to the Father like a child, but also often forgetting like a child.

    He was a chimera, bred to be a living weapon, a disposable super-soldier. He was conditioned from birth to follow orders to the letter, without question or doubt, to trust completely in the will of the Ironfist Empire. But all that changed one fateful day during a routine breeding operation. The chimera's genes were to be passed on to a new, more powerful super-soldier, mixed with that of the same chimera that birthed him, his mother. However, even as the operation neared completion, a thousand miles away in the depths of the United Native American Nations, the Shaman of the Great Spirit took pity on his brothers in the spirit, and released the Blessing upon the world. The blessing of free will, of the speech of creatures, of the manipulation of weather, and even of true, human emotions was given to every chimera in the world. In that moment, the chimera Blade grew passionate, ruining the operation and causing the creation not of a super-soldier, but an abnormally small and shy female chimera with a star-shaped birthmark. At the sight of the child, and its subsequent cold-blooded "conditioning" by the human masters, doubt began to gnaw at Blade's will and obedience, growing and festering until, on the very day Magus freed the birthed child, Blade lashed out against his superiors, killing every human in the vicinity and claiming authority of his squadron. His fellow chimeras, who also received the Blessing, are fanatically loyal to him in his crusade for the freeing of all chimeras and abolishment of the Plave class. Blade is skilled in all the arts of warfare, and retains many of the weapon and armor pieces which were issued to him during his service in the Ironfist army. For example, his crossbow, knives, rations and much of his clothing were from his infantry pack. He also scavenged weapons and armor from fallen comrades and enemies, customized others, and made his own until his arsenal included magical talismans, Tushori throwing knives, raptor-hide arrowproof chest and back pieces, titanium gauntlets and CSA Army of Christ "holy grenades". Additionally, due to the goodwill of the United Native American Nations, he and his followers gained outstanding espionage and wilderness survival skills, able to hunt, track, snare, camouflage, and even change their voice to a certain extent. Aside from this, he also learned practical everyday skills such as cooking and sewing from necessity or boredom. When Blade encountered Magus's mansion and saw how well cared for and healthy Star was, however, his heart softened, and he became minimally more open to the possibility of non-UNAN humans not being evil. Through a series of relatively peaceful encounters with Magus, some planned, some chance, the two eventually developed a peaceful professional relationship. Star, through her playful, trusting attitude developed a strange sort of sister/daughter relationship with Blade, but remained a sort of "group little sister" for the entire team. Father John initially had a strained relationship with Blade, but eventually settled into a sort of in-law type relationship. Blade is currently splitting his time between leading the Plave Resistance, adventuring with the other three, and helping tutor Star. Surprisingly, Star has also managed to teach him some of her own favorite activities, and as a result he can occasionally be seen writing poems or knitting socks and sweaters when he thinks no-one is looking. The socks seem to be identical to the ones which continue to mysteriously appear on the floor of Star's room with a poem attached. Obviously, he will never admit to having made them.
    well, most times I just make them up on the fly to fit the description; I make up the description and get an image in my head first, then make up the name to fit it.

    For instance, I knew my world was supposed to be a counterpart fantasy culture to our world, so for instance, with the Southriders I was going for the Confederate States of America theme, and went "south", because they were called the Deep South, and "rider" because they were fond of cavalry.

    same with the Republic of the star: "republic" cuz texas was one, and "star" because its the lone star state.

    for more complex names like "Celestial Empire of the Sun" i look at history both ancient and modern, and since that one was supposed to be sort of oriental/asian I went for "celestial" from their belief in the emperors being the "son of heaven" and "Sun" because japan was known as the Land of the Rising Sun, or Nippon (Sun-root).

    UNAN is a lightly-veiled acronym for "united native american nations" for obvious reasons.

    Forty Thieves is from the legend of Ali-babua and the Forty thieves. Encante was straight off a random name generator.

    Wakalata was something I made up to sound vaguly north-native-american-ish.

    And by all means, ask as many questions as you'd like! I'd love to hear more about your worlds too!
    Sure! The whole story's over at deviantart under the same username, if you'd like to see the unabridged version, but here's a summary:

    There are 13 nations of great importance in the land of Arcicia, and two of unknown but great repute in the realm of Faerie. Each nation retains characteristics unique to that land, and most specialize in certain abilities or studies.

    Ados-lan is a nation of unrestricted science and research, a technocracy on the western coast of the continent of Encante of the highest caliber and ruthlessly efficient at intelligence gathering.

    Kraa is a nation of absolute law, a military bureaucracy if there ever was one, and focused on maintaining absolute order over everything else. Located in the central part of Encante, they strike fear into their neighbors.

    Ironfist loves industry, war, and blood. Its soldiers form a vast military dictatorship spanning the entire nation situated in the northern central part of Encante, and covering it with black factories churning out human-animal hybrids demeaningly called Plaves, or Pet-slaves, by the humans of the realm.

    The UNAN, a federation of tribes spanning the western continent of Wakalata, is a peaceful, nature-oriented society. They are deeply in touch with the magic of the earth, and will turn entire herds of buffalo upon any who would thoughtlessly harm any creatures within their borders. They have a great friendship with the Plaves, whom they consider brothers, gifting them with the power of nature.

    The Southriders are a collection of extremist racial supremecists in the central parts of Wakalata, run by a theocracy and willing to do anything to rid the earth of what they call demons in the form of plaves.

    The Republic of the Star is a collection of ranchers, farmers and wilderness-hardened fur traders to the central west of Wakalata, easygoing and friendly to those of peaceful intent, but ready to defend their hearths and homes with a fierce loyalty.

    The United northern States are a democracy of a few thousand cities spanning the north of the western continent, peaceable yet unwilling to tolerate extremes of any nature.

    The Forty Thieves is a criminal organization located in the deserts of the southern parts of the Eastern continent of Encante. They controll all criminal activity, and in return are tolerated by most governments.

    The Tushori Empire are a trader nation located in the center of the desert in Encante. Shewed yet unerringly honest, they achieve fame through their bartering and vast resources.

    The Plave resistance is a semi-chiefstan dedicated to the freeing of all Plaves. They are militant but tolerant of humans and other creatures, and are always glad for help.

    The Celestial Empire of the Sun is a powerful nation located in the uttermost East of Encante. they worship balance and stability above all else, but all their citizens are adept at magic and a strange form of biological energy which they call "chakra."
    hello, we haven't really been properly introduced i don't think.

    I'm wanderingmagus, lover of anime art and world-builder. I love creating entire worlds, but never get around to actually making a story out of them... that is, i can have characters, backgrounds, governments and economies but not actual action. :eek:

    How about you?
    Its going okay, I've been writing since I was very young & won a hard cover copy of a story I wrote for class. I do quite a bit of genre mixing , currently I'm writing a mystery/horror/fantasy that takes place in the late 60s. You?
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