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    Short story contest

    AHH I FORGOT. I'll post mine by friday I hope!!!!!!! AM I TOOLATE
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    Short story contest

    I will finish on time...I hope
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    Please enter this contest b/c it only has one entry.

    Thanks guys and I only got one entry but it's cool :)
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    Sharing writing strategies and tips

    Sorry, xD I am actually putting off my short story in prep for Nanowrimo, but it's pretty much done. I have about 3000 words. Also yes to the dialogue :D
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    Nation building, world building, and character building.

    I usually try to create something within what already exists, but for my current novel, I created a small world inside the earth. It's a habitation of hummingbirds called Herald. I didn't delve too much into it - their light source is fireflies, their paper is leaves or parchment. I guess I...
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    How do you come up with names?

    I usually try to use something that I feel describes them physically. For my finished novel, my main character is named Lorelei because she is an ice dragon. I think that name has something to do with ice. For my hummingbird characters, I chose names that made me think of something light and...
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    What would you do if...

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    The Instruction Book of Life

    That would be a 3 volume series...or more.
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    What would you do if... met yourself? Not like looking at yourself in the mirror, but an actual 100% Xerox copy if yourself standing in front of you. Same personality, same likes and dislikes, same style. I know what I would do. I would stare at myself for a while, then hug myself b/c I finally found someone...
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    The Instruction Book of Life

    Now that I think about it, maybe I would also write a chapter called "Don't be a dick to people." xD
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    The Instruction Book of Life

    What a depressing chapter! I agree. I would like to understand it, too!
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    The Instruction Book of Life

    I like the idea you put forward, how going against the gears is also good. That would be an excellent chapter to spur people to be the change they want to see.
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    The Instruction Book of Life

    I like this one. I would read that chapter over and over. xD
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    The Instruction Book of Life

    As the saying goes, "Life doesn't come with an instruction booklet." Well, I think it needs to! If you could write a chapter, or book, in a series entitled "The Instruction Book of Life," what would your chapter, or book, be about? Mine would cover the importance of knowledge and include...
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    Special: Are you it?

    That sounds like Landmark. Excellent group, and they talk about stuff like "getting out of your own way." It used to be called Est Training, but now it's a bit more friendly, but still as affective.