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  • Why thank you sir!
    It was taken on a romantic evening with my mistress in our love hut and she also took the liberty to take it !
    How's the lovely climate there, cold and snowy and utterly horrible? <.< And it sounds nice, what did you guys see?
    *bows for the greatness of Anakin*
    I'm fine, a bit tired from work :D How are you?
    I think I just died a little inside.. what?!

    Oh well, we can't all like the same kinda fantasy here after all :D What is your type of fantasy?
    Thanks Anakin :D Yeah if i weren't having people over I'd go see the hobbit, haven't seen it yet! Disgrace :D I hope you get a great christmas!
    the writing thing is good; it feels good to write. and although I ahve not done a lot on the astervan book its self (if you remember the RPG) I have done a lot on the world it is set in and the history of the country and such; which I feel is need to write it the right way.

    And yeah, the avatar thing sucks since they have a KB limit. i think if it is within the KB limit; it should be allowed. that just sucks.
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