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  • Ow shit! Wanneer was dat? Ben je nu terug uit de gevarenzone? Veel beterschap alleszins. Hoe akelig, zeg...
    you know I'm just fu**ing around with ya don't you? haha. no malicious crap mate.

    Don't take that comment in a gay way like I know you want to.
    Hey there! Yeah, well, although I really really enjoy Dragon's Dogma I always hesitate a bit when it comes to recommend the game. When I started playing it it took some time until I got hooked, because I was only used to the Bioware rpgs which are so different from DD.
    I have decided that I won't jump to next-gen. I still have so many 360 games to play, and so many great ones that I haven't even started, so I won't really need another console. There are a few next-gen exclusives that seem interesting, but a few games are not enough to make me pay hundreds of € for a new console. Plus I have only recently bought a PC (which I actually bought for Elder Scrolls Online) and I STILL haven't played The Old Republic! I started playing it, but don't have time for it at the moment, so I'll continue as soon as I'm done with my MA thesis :D And SWTOR is probably going to keep me busy for quite some time. :p
    Thai Red Curries can be REALLY spicy sometimes. I guess it really depends on how many Thai Chilies they put in it. I might have just had an unusually spicy one and maybe on average Vindaloos are spicier. I did have an incredible Nepalese Vindaloo in London just over a year ago, but it wasn't the spiciest.
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