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    I intended to put this in my char. Profile, but it grew and grew, so I decided to open a special tread, not only for this here, but also for other Zeth specifics.

    About Manyashi

    As the Ghohanu are brotherhood, and pirate one to that, it is natural that they have no real government. Although they do have strong, centralized leadership, their organization is that of bands, casts and orders.
    One such order, are Manyashi. Although it is not Zeth restricted as some other, most of it’s members are Zeth, for other aliens lack the physical strength or dedication that is essential to members of this order. They are, in a form and name, the knights of space. Their equipment consists of heavy battle armor, that is attachable to small homing vessels.
    The suits are actually made of rather thin and light materials, although they do allow those who bear them full protection of open space vacuum. The major part of the armor’s weight is due to small pulse-shield generating device with limited power source. Depending on the scale of shields usage it can and intensity, the shield can last from 3-4 sh (standard hours) to 12-14 sh. The coverage goes from quarter of an inch from every curve of armor, to five feet from the same.
    The Armors also have highly sophisticated equipment such as overview radars, deep-penetration scanning devices, or high intensity cloak penetrators.
    Some of the functions of armor have to be invoked manually, but most of them are controlled by devices that follow brainwave patterns. Because of that, all Manyaks (Manyak is singular of Manyashi) are trained to horrifically high levels of self control for any unbidden change of brain patters (such as strong emotions) can result only in disaster.
    They are also the only order in which Zeth members do not bear feti. That is simply because feti is ill suited for the tasks they do. Their traditional work consists of jumping ships, usage of their high technological and mechanical knowledge to put the jumped ship in temporal stasis, securing a landing, and setting a homing device so teams could board and take over the ships. They are also quite often used to disable defensive mechanisms, upon enemy ships in the heath of battle; this, however does not mean that they are saboteurs. They consider saboteuring to be bellow their honor.
    There is no difference in rank among Manyashi, other than that given out of respect. Their standing within the rest of Ghohanu is high in respect and honor, but rather trivial in actual decisive power. Any Manyak stands only marginally higher then GT squad commanders.
    Of course, most of weaponry and ‘tools of trade’ of Manyashi is incorporated into their armors. The favorite hobby of Manyaks, thus, is tinkering and upgrading their suits of armor. Most actually dedicate every single free hour to doing exactly that. During the years since forming Manyashi, the tinkering became something akin to the constant contest amongst it’s members, so any Manyak would go to any lengths to recover suits of his fallen brethren, and would protect them with as much zeal as Ghohanu himself attacked anything bearing the mark of USC. And no one in his right mind would even suggest of salvaging the suits of dead, or actually using them. The empty armors are always sent to Manyashi mothership, where they are said to be displayed in long halls, not that any but Manyashi could ever gain entrance there, so they could witness.