Your Purpose

Discussion in 'Fan Poetry' started by lanaia74, Jan 8, 2007.

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    What on earth is this I see?
    Body of a lion, head of a man
    Looking as if you are protecting everything as far as the eye can see
    Majestic proudly standing, instilling fear to those that would dare challenge you as you guard the sands.

    No one really knows why you were built or why you are here
    No one being able to explain what your existence means
    Looking as though in all your enemies you would instill fear
    I would love to know through all the years what you have seen.

    If you could talk the all the stories I bet you could tell
    Staring down on the desert observing everything
    I wonder if you had a soul if it you would sell
    To hold on to the secrets to which you cling.

    I'd be willing to bet your main function was to guard the tombs of the kings
    Keeping out those who would dare defy you
    Always letting slip from your eyes, that fearful sting
    To protect those of which your loyalty was totally true.

    You have seen and observed so very much through the years
    Never to betray the secrets from your ancient land
    Never giving up those things which seem so clear
    You, this place, the secrets everlasting between time and space.

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    Nice poem/story:) , got an early start on this one eh? 8 in the morning.