Your personal pick for a (more or less) complete cast

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    Not sure if this has been done here before, but as I can't find it I'll take my chances.

    Let's say you were in charge of casting the different roles, for a set of movies or a TV show based on these books, what would your choices be? Don't save them dollars or be realistic, as long as the actors are still alive it should be all good. Cast as many as you can be bothered to, really.

    Part one of my choice of cast, more coming up later, you'll probably not agree with most of my choices, but that is part of the charm of this sort of project.

    Tywin – Sean Bean
    Jaime – Olegg Vynnyk, german stage actor I believe, 100% perfect for the role in my eyes
    Cersei – Diane Kruger
    Tyrion – Johnny Depp with modifications or motion-capture suit
    Robert – Arnold Schwarzenegger (and throw in Roland Kickinger if you need him young, its brilliant)
    Renly – Orlando Bloom
    Stannis – Christopher Eccleston
    Eddard – Viggo Mortensen
    Littlefinger – Edward Norton
    Sandor – Brad Pitt

    Edit: More coming soon <.<
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