Your Journey

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    I could not believe what you told me the other night
    Deep down inside I know I have been there and it is not right
    A crushing blow that you never could see
    You thought you two could live forever happily

    The love was there
    So was the care
    A idea of a wedding came to mind
    When you thought of the one a picture of him came into your mind

    Then out of no where he destroyed it all
    As he crushed everything with a wrecking ball
    I hope in time everything in your heart will heal
    Honestly I know how you feel

    Right now nothing feels right
    As thoughts spiral before you try to sleep at night
    Do not blame your self you didn't do anything wrong
    You must stay confident and be strong

    I'm sure tears have fallen from your face
    No one handles this with perfect grace
    This will be a process of recovery
    A new beginning and some inner discovery

    Peace is all I want for you when you turn out your bedroom light
    Give it time things will be alright
    You are not alone in this you have friends and family by your side
    As you slowly piece your self together from the inside

    May every dream and every wish come true
    Stay true and stay who you are and love will find you
    This is what I truly believe as so many are out to deceive
    The people who really are there for you are the ones who never leave