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    I have never questioned your intentions, because we have been together, dating, for so very long
    But a friend of mine brought several things I could not explain
    Questions that make me wonder, if with you I belong?
    Things I never thought of before, so I never pointed my finger to blame.

    Unusual things, like the way you dress, the way toward others, you act
    Where you live has come to light, it is unusual you live right beside a cemetery
    But when you are around others, the way you present yourself is totally in tact
    I never suspected anything that would make me want to flee.

    Brought to my attention, it is funny that you always dress in black
    And why is it that you only make your presence known only at night?
    In your house, I notice no mirrors, just pictures and plaques
    And never when the sun shines, do I see you never in the sun light.

    I have only been to your house only a few times
    But I must admit a couple of times I have smelled moist damp earth
    And inside your place, it is chilling, because everything here is silent, just like a mine
    These things brought to my attention, I have to question should you even be on this earth?

    The questions I have, when I'm with you they just all melt away
    In your arms, I feel passion, nothing like I have ever felt before
    When I look into your eyes, I am under your spell and forever with you I want to stay
    But when I'm not with you, I wonder are you something of myth and lore?

    Tonight, we have another date, and I know as soon as I look into your eyes, I have no will of my own
    All my questions and fears, when I am with you, they no longer remain
    By your side I have no fear, I feel totally at home
    I suspect what you really are, but when I am with you, I always want to be within your domain.
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    Good poem yet again:) .