Your beginning

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    It's been a while since you have wrote a story
    So take your time there is no need for a hurry
    Just relax maybe close your eyes
    Ideas will enter you faster than you may realize

    Say what you want to say
    Even if you worry just do it anyway
    Remember those who forever criticize
    Live as hypocrites and are full of lies

    Your story does not have to rhyme
    I hope when u finish this story that it is not your last time
    Slowly you will get better trust me
    Takes time never does it happen suddenly

    Write from your heart write from your soul
    Write about the things that make you whole
    It can be a fantasy
    Maybe about a ship lost at sea

    For now it is just you and the pen
    When inspiration strikes you will know when
    Perfection might take you the wrong direction
    So write with your own pace and selection

    I know this so
    As a writer I want you to improve and grow
    This begins one step at a time
    Like saving for up for something it begins with a penny or a dime

    Stories that you feel
    Advice that can heal
    Being released into the wild like a bird
    Or like a child saying it's first word