You Promise

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    I see your face, no matter where I go, no matter where I go
    You are always there waiting for me to take your hand
    Some people would call you friend, but in reality, I know you are a foe
    You stir trouble, no matter where you are, no matter what land.

    You think if someone really wants a friend, well you are there to be friend them
    People think they really have something, if they only take your extended hand
    Those that end up trusting you, their futures look mighty dim
    Trusting you, what devastation you can cause, the things you cause, most people don't have planned.

    You wait until someone is vulnerable, when one is totally down and out
    Then you appear, trusting you after a while, a person thinks everything will be alright
    After a while those you so conned, in you they start to doubt
    In you they start losing faith, you start looking bad in a person's sight.

    You just patiently wait, just for the right time, to make your enticing play
    Promising things, getting up a person's hopes, but in the end you never deliver one solitary thing
    Then you are there, extending your hand, you are right there, without delay
    Saying," Come with me, when you do to me you will want to forever cling

    People that are hurt, been taken advantage of, you are always there, claiming to help pick up the pieces
    So many believe in you, trust you, on the rebound
    People think if they confide in you, for the dark emotions they possess you are a release
    You always standing there quiet, silent, you never make a sound

    I am like many that believed the lies, the things you promised, that were only lies
    People thinking you are the answer to almost every problem under the sun
    They think you are the answer but after a while, when they plead to you, on deaf ears fall their pitiful pleas
    Always there waiting with that extended hand, you with a name we all recognize you are called TEMPTATION.