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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Spray on tan
    Is in demand
    Like butter to a pan
    I cannot understand

    UV rays soaking in your skin
    With no protection
    They look like toast, may the danger begin
    As the sun hits you in every direction

    Skin Cancer is no joke at all
    As we enter the summer season now
    Millions are effected as I recall
    If we can only end this obsession somehow?

    The appearance of our bodies, perfection is overrated
    Yet many welcome this well known danger
    Attraction is often debated
    Over use of this product is no stranger

    Like tanning salons, society craves it more and more
    Which deeply scares me
    As we damage ourselves from the inner and outer core
    Can anyone notice and agree?

    The price that many will pay
    For the decisions they have made
    As the sun is very hot today
    A risk for beauty in life's crusade