You Know My Name

Discussion in 'Fan Poetry' started by lanaia74, Jan 11, 2007.

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    I am of people like Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and the like
    But they were careless and dumb enough to get caught, but no not me
    They were messy and didn't pick the right time to strike
    I was trained in anatomy so my murders were very precise, see.

    I was never messy or uncertain in what I did
    The others were stupid because they got caught
    I watch all this from my perch in hell, because this is where I was destined to go because of what I did
    Ladies of the night were my prey, women no one would miss and for any price they could be bought.

    I feel most of the others murdered on a whim,and not carefully thought out
    I was very sure in what I did, the police they just made me laugh
    My victims never suspected me because they didn't know what I was all about
    If I could have taught the others, I would have taught them well and made them part of my staff.

    I kept a few souvenirs as a reminder of what I had done
    They were to remind me of my acts, as I congratulated myself of my precise work
    I only took five lives but boy did I have fun
    So ladies of White Chapel, beware of the darkness where I would lurk.

    If I were still alive I would have shown the others a thing or two
    My name remains immortal showing I was the master, everyone knows or has heard my name
    To be precise, not to get caught, me making mistakes they were very few
    You know my name, Jack the Ripper, one in the same.
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    Very interesting choice of topic my friend, and very well written ^_^ I think that i'd like to read more by you ^_^