You are You

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    I just seen a picture of your face
    My mind just went to outer space
    I never felt like this before
    These things i never had in store

    I want to know you all the more
    Just a guy with a big heart, that will set me apart
    You will notice this from the start
    My eyes see something new, i want to know you

    This way is cool and odd at once
    Words just come in my mind
    You could be the best find, your eyes look so kind
    This is not a joke not even a evil poke

    Message came from me, my heart is currently in the sea
    I hope to know you eventually
    Just wonder if you will like me?
    Thinking of how you think i look

    I wonder if you will read my book
    Of words i want to say, i wont give these stories away
    I think things happen for a reason
    Not a random moment, in a random time

    Life should get better like a bottle of wine
    My eyes dont see the sun, this world is not that fun
    I am on the run, to find a person that fits me
    So i wont be alone in the sea

    Do you get my drift?, people say i have a gift
    Of how i say whats on my mind, so many things i define
    With each waking moment i awake again
    I hope i can meet you and it's a matter of when