You are not forgotten

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    I will wait to hear from you
    That is what I am going to do
    There is no one I rather talk to
    Not a single person on my list and it's true

    I wonder how have you been?
    Please don't ask me, for I have no idea where to begin
    You have been on my mind
    Names and people I like I never leave behind

    Still I want to see you and get to know you
    I'm not like this with everyone, you are one of the few
    Potential is a word I never say too much
    It's like your hand hitting the oven, sensitive to the touch

    Good things come for those who wait
    So I have already learned my lesson of testing the hands of fate
    Patience I hear is a virtue
    Then I shall have it while waiting for you

    I only allow one person in my world at a time
    Very few see the poet with in me that can rhyme
    The rest I push away so far away
    But if it's possible I want you to stay

    People tend to come and go
    Like bulls in a rodeo
    It really hurts my soul
    Though I don't expect you to fix me or make me whole