You Are Known

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    I watch you from afar, as you look just like a work of art instead of me thinking of you as alive
    You once paid me a visit, I don't remember how or why
    The only thing I know, it seems like on the misfortune of others you seem to senselessly thrive
    It's like there is no remorse, no feeling as you can cause so many to die

    Places that were at one time so beautiful, when you finished not one thing was left
    In a way you seem proud of all the fear and devastation, you can easily cause
    You are so proud of yourself, you seem to dance, whether it be right or left
    You, my friend, adhere to no man made laws,

    You have a special gift, as you are able to travel on the wind
    Your brilliance of color, some don't even know, they should fear you
    When you choose a target, it becomes very hard to defend
    Being within your presence, if one wants to get away, their choices are very few.

    When you put on a show, dancing, showing your true self, you re so hard to control
    A lot of people watch you in awe, as you dance your way to other places
    Places chosen by you, if chosen it will pay a hefty toll
    People know you are trouble, but they stand mesmerized as they watch your many faces.

    Death, devastation, destruction, these are but a few things associated with you
    You take away a person's breath, with only death looming on the horizon
    You strike so fast at times, to your presence, at first there is not even a clue
    After you quench your appetite, those you have touched, on their shoulders remain a ton.

    Since the beginning of time, your face has been seen and known
    Always there, you can always be depended upon, because of your work, you seem to never tire
    From the rise of civilization, your name over time has only grown
    You feed, you dance, you are alive, you are simply known as fire.
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    Very interesting topic, a job well done :).