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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Going down this road to a place
    While sitting near you beautiful, seeing your eyes and face
    Your mother is the driver
    A empty seat in front remains beside her

    My GPS is front of me
    Many miles ahead of us we see
    To your summer place
    As I try to hide the sadness with in my face

    I realize the GPS battery is going dead
    As the orange slowly fades to red
    I count the many reasons I love you
    Which I can only say the word to a selected few

    Your braces are now off
    Used to mess with your sinuses making you sniffle and cough
    I love your smile
    It makes every moment with you worthwhile

    So a countdown has begun
    Until your summer adventure fun
    I'm scared and concerned like so
    Because it's hard enough to hug only to let go

    I pray to god that everything will be ok
    Everything that is us will forever stay
    Sadly I live in constant fear my dear
    Yet everything is perfect when you are near

    We eat ice cream at tastee freeze
    As we ordered what we please
    It was a wonderful day
    I wish it could stay a while longer before it slipped away

    You always tell me everything will be fine
    I hope so my beautiful valentine
    Getting to eat ribs in the first time in ages
    As I make a mess going through napkins like pages

    I get to see you again
    I'm always counting down until then
    Beautiful this is everything that is in me from me to you
    From my heart and soul, you truly are a dream come true
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