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    Words come before the voice
    A sound that cannot be found
    Only when you are around
    Something that is so profound

    Hi my love, you are so sweet
    A feeling that cannot be beat
    I can't wait until we meet again
    It's a matter of time

    You shall be mine, with i smile i know you have
    A love you have now
    Exist in your mind and your heart
    In time we will be no longer apart

    Emotions are somthing i never had
    For a woman, i was so sad
    Now i have you, this feeling is so true
    We stick together just like glue

    This is a feeling i want to explore
    I want to feel it all the more
    I have found what my love and heart is for
    You are my special melody, you have shown my eyes what love could be

    An you want to share it with me
    I love you all the more
    We have many great things in store
    Life can be so sweet, depends on who you meet

    You are one of the elite
    The love of your heart cannot be beat
    Only when our eyes meet
    Sparks fly from the care/love and desire of you and I