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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    My mind is in the clouds
    Far away, 200 miles if i say
    Love that occurs will only last
    If you dont take things too fast

    To feel eyes that burn so
    That i know so
    This feeling must go
    I have love to show

    The day is long like a song
    My heart will be for ever strong
    This emotion is not wrong
    Only if what you feel is not true

    Some do not beleive in love
    But it is pure, that's for sure
    It saves the weak, it makes you strong
    You get the vibe that nothing is wrong

    Is it ment to be, for you to be with me
    For my eyes to see and my ears to hear
    I am no longer alone and that has always been my major fear
    To be with you, to see your eyes makes me want to fly