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    Why do people care about this list?
    Adding and adding to it they cannot resist
    It cannot be just to make friends that is a lie
    I'm trying this concept out and they don't want to talk to this guy

    Like this is a shocker
    For I do not look like a gangsta or a rocker
    Oh do I know this guy? probably not
    They refuse to respond because they think I'm not hot

    I'm not a perv oh the nerve
    Just looking for someone else to burn on my tennis serve
    Oh shit he is a athlete after all
    No I didn't make no wishes on my crystal ball

    But yeah people seem to be fake
    Like that bottle of water they claim came from a lake
    I'm the real deal
    Better than that McDonald's happy meal

    So I send people random messages like all the time
    Last time I checked it is still not a crime
    What is the outrage?
    Just get to know me and check out face book page

    What the hell is wrong with all of you?
    I'm who I am til the end it's true
    In case you didn't know it
    Among many hobbies I am a poet

    Don't judge a book by it's cover
    There is another world you have yet to discover
    So much more than a face
    Honestly I am not like the rest I am on a rocket in outer space

    Funny thing is I am not even trying to rhyme
    Hit me up if you have some time
    Damn it's lunch time I gotta go
    Make some ham and cheese sandwiches ya know?