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    This is a new story im starting.
    Please tell me how you like so far.
    Thanks for reading.


    Written By Brian Washington

    Chapter 1​

    “Wake up..., up, up, up, I've haven't got all day boy!” The inevitable voice droned through the dorm as if it were shouted through a megaphone.
    The voice appeared again but this time it was a lot closer, the 'Big Boss' was now leaving the room right across from mine ; just a few steps away. I instinctively got out of bed to avoid being shouted at and then regret it after receiving the dreadful corporal punishment.
    “Boy, your had better be up or I shit you not..., oh err I see you're already up very well then”. I sighed a big relief as 'Big Boss' left my room, for I would've been grieving instead of feeling relieved. I was already on 'Big Boss' bad side and the reason of that is because 2 weeks ago I sneaked a couple of undergraduate girls into the 2-D wing of the boys dorm. Turns out that 'Big Boss' had a hunch something was going down that night so he hired one of the boys from the 4-D wing to spy on us whilst we partied the night away. The 2 boys who offered to be on the lookout had over heard a conversation 'Big Boss' had as he entered his extravagant yellow Rolls Royce.
    I've seen the boy from 4-D wing ample times during the duration of the party that night, my only suspension of him was for that of him being much taller then any of the other boys from 2-D wing including myself. I probably thought of it as a growth spurt had fortunately affect his body. Nevertheless the whole matter dissolved away from thought.