Wrote this for my ex

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    Quite emotional poem, i have been crying for sometime. Also getting over my heart being crushed by another girl.

    To You

    The kiss of your lips
    Feeling of your finger tips
    My hands on your hips
    All these thoughts i am going through

    The way i felt when i was with you
    Our intentions and hearts where so true
    So here i am
    Appearing from somewhere

    This is not fair
    For each other we still care
    Don't think I ran away
    More like i lost my way

    So i'm writing this story
    You're not alone
    Thier's no one else thats loved me more
    No else that has effected me to the core

    I'm just afraid to get back with you
    I am soo afraid to see some one new
    I have spilled my soul on this story of mine
    Like a million times their is a sign

    Love, has never really gone
    Hiding deep inside of me
    Just waiting for the right time to set it free
    Confused and blind as you see

    I wont be running away
    This will not be the final poem i write to you
    Things in me still ring so true
    So don't be feeling so blue

    What ever happens i will still love you
    Tears come flowing out from the final line
    Like the sun you will always shine
    So don't go throwing hope away

    Who know's what can happen someday
    Please don't delete or throw this away
    This is true what i have to say
    Unlike a cat i refuse to stray