Wrestle your life away

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Hop into the ring
    Your name the crowd to chant and sing
    Name is lit up in lights
    Sun glasses, gloves and tights

    The money and the fame
    Once your big you never the same
    Matches take their toll
    Family and friends come and go, it eats at many like a black hole

    The gold rings and the gold belts
    Passing the crowd, leaving with bruises and many welts
    Broken bones and misery
    Yet trying to make a dent into history

    The contracts and negotiations
    Houses and toys in different locations
    One blink and it can all be gone
    Like the sun nearing dawn

    Popularity with no sencerity
    Decisions with no clearity
    The work outs and drugs
    Secrets swept under many rugs

    Knee braces and elbo pads
    Names come and go like fads
    Some stay and cant walk away
    They will have to leave someday

    Body cant take it forever
    Bones become brittle and the skin feels like leather
    The cuts and scars
    Becoming beat up and worn out like a lot of old cars

    Take off the mask and tape
    Unbotton that cape
    It has to be over, before it is too late
    Might die or suffer from the hands of fate