Wrapped in chains

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Everything is long gone
    Trying to stay strong
    Nothing seems to stay today
    Everything was here then it all went away

    The pain that lurks inside
    Running out of room to hide
    Take the things that comfort the soul
    Soon those things will make me lose control

    The walls are closing in
    To recover and to go on, where to begin?
    Living in a pool of lies
    Putting on a daily disguise

    Creating the power and the speed
    For more and more the obsession is becoming a need
    Adrenaline is the fire in this blaze
    Actions and a different way of thinking proves this is not a phase

    The future seems a world away
    Every second and minute is the length of a day
    Memories often attacking like a disease
    Tears and sad thoughts make people freeze

    The heart is cold as ice, no use to roll the dice
    Retired from seeing other people is the best advice
    Raise up the walls and close those doors
    Invisible again to the world and many stores

    Just like ground hog day one day I will be out
    Once again maybe feeling strong and having no doubt
    Hit booze what is there to loose?
    Fight the demons inside cant be done, it will just come down to another substance to abuse

    Wishful thinking for things to go away
    Sadness and depression appear always to stay
    Let the show begin, no matter what is done
    Events in the past cannot change the fact I have lost someone