Wraith blades concept idea

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    Now, with all the styling of the blades in LOTR, the fashion used for the Ringwraiths was an aged and rusted look with serious pitting.

    I wonder, say if the Nazgul were issued new blades, considering that the torrent which killed their horses also took their swords (it didn't, I'm just suggesting it). What if the Nazgul got new swords, almost just like their old swords, but with one change...

    Pattern welded or damascus steel. I think for a new sword that this type of steel would be beautiful, yet evil in the same way.


    The blades would be very expensive, especially for a sword with a 40 inch blade, but it would really bring to focus the fact that Mordor is quite competent in sword smithing. I wish we could have seen a sword like that at some time in LOTR, but I doubt we will.