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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Back on track, back in black
    I am prepared for yet anougher attack
    Sitting here with no fear
    Can't wait for yet anougher beer

    I am shy hiding in the sky
    You have to find me, might be in a tree
    Takes a while for anyone to be friends with me
    I am a risk taker, not a faker

    Guy that wont lie, not even in front of your eyes
    True friend there for you until the end
    Pure and true i will try my best to be a good friend to you
    Im a poet if you didn't know it

    Words and songs flow through my head
    Many things left unsaid, i love the color red
    Im wild, not really styled you will see me
    Hiding in the shadows, in my room thinging of a place i'd rather be

    I wont write a book im not Captain Cook
    Not here to write my latest cook book
    My thoughts my mind, not usual of anykind
    Do time for me to unwind

    Big heart you knew it from the start
    Not here to say sick things, i rather eat hot wings
    Good words, good vibes making people feel good
    Like they should, have a smile i will be writing here for a while

    I got time, got wisdom to give have so many years to live
    People listen me, i have so many strories as you can see
    Let me talk you see, everybody be friends with me
    No other place i'd rather be, i'm on a voyage in the sea