Wizard's First Rule: Help change my opinion?

Discussion in 'The Sword of Truth' started by Baneling2, Aug 17, 2017.

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    Hey. So I just finished Wizard's first rule by Terry Goodkind and overall I found it entertaining but there were some things I just did not understand. There was a good portion of the book (80 pages??) where the main character gets captured, with some extremely twisted torture and rape described in almost pornographic detail which was frankly difficult to read through.

    Most of the time when i read books and they have extreme scenes like this it is so serve a purpose. In this book however, i felt like it was just pointless. Why does Terry Goodkind feel the need to put us through chapters and chapters of endless torture?

    If an unpleasant idea is presented over and over and its effects on the characters are profound, I'll buy that the author's exploring a theme. But if it's presented over and over and there are never real repercussions (or in the case of forced kidnapping, torture, and prolonged sexual abuse, intense psychological trauma), it comes off as a sort of fetish. Now I'm not saying Goodkind's a rapist or enjoys torture or anything like that, but I do think in this case we can learn a lot about the author's personal tastes from what he's chosen to write.

    As I said, I really liked the book - the characters and this fantasy universe is amazing and deeply interesting, and for that reason, I'm very dissapointed that the whole SM/torture thing threw me off as much as it did. (I'm afraid that it's especially the sexual undertones that threw me off?) Consequently, I've gone from completely hooked to having almost no desire or interest in reading on.

    I don't want to feel like that. I feel these books have great potential - I want to like them, I do like them. Just not the torture-part. Unfortunately, it left such a bad taste in my mouth, that it warped my view of the whole thing.

    So I'm begging of you guys: Please, can you help me change my opinion? The last 200 pages (from the torture was introduced) I read rather lightly. I will very likely have missed the points or subtext of all this. Please help me understand and appreciate these scenes, if possible.