Wiser for the none.

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    I guess this is what I get
    For choosing not to choose
    It would appear I chose wrong
    But what did I have to lose?

    Years of friendship gone
    Nights of helping you out
    Your fights with your parents
    Or when your girlfriend made you pout

    In the end I suppose
    I'm better of for knowing
    What my friendship was based on
    and that there was no room for growing

    So here I am writing
    About my friendship now lost
    I tried to do the right thing
    And I've figured out the cost

    While I'm upset right now
    After it all, I've won big
    I've got a friend who has my back
    And wouldn't disown me over some gig

    A friend who I can trust
    Not to leave me in the cold
    One who will always be there
    Even through a spat with a rival old

    Good luck.